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By George Kafkias 21 January, 2019

Sharing is caring, so why not take the time to share?

We firmly believe that sharing is caring. That is especially true when you keep notes. Think about it. How many times did your friends or colleagues ask you to share one of your notes with them? This need for sharing begins at an early age at school and continues to apply on every chapter of one's career.

With Noted, you can share a note by clicking on the Share icon on the bottom right corner. You will be prompted to enter the email of the user that you wish to share this note with. Keep in mind that you can only share notes with existing Noted users. Voilà! Your note is shared.

Collaborating in real-time

What we truly see value in, when sharing a note, is real-time collaboration. When you share a note with someone, they will be able to edit the note immediately. If you are all trying to edit the same note, you will notice under the title a small caption that will declare who is currently editing the note. For all users' convenience, only one user can edit the note at a time, so that the content stays consistent. What this means is that when a user stops editing a note, you can start editing it and vice versa.

As always, you and the other users have the full power of the rich text-editor in your hands, in order to format your text according to your team's needs.


When you share a note with another user, they will be added as followers on that note. What this means is that you can remove a user from following your note at any time. When you remove a follower, your shared note will be deleted from their list and they will not be able to view or edit it anymore. You can always share is back to them at any time!

When you share a Personal Note, you will notice that the background of that note will be a mix of pink and blue. That helps you understand that it is a Personal note that you are sharing.
From Shared back to Personal

Don't want to share a note anymore? That's fine! You can stop sharing the note and it will get back to being Personal. All you have to do is click on the Share icon on the bottom right corner, click on the small caption under the title and you will see your followers. On the top right, you can click Stop Sharing and your note will become Private.

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