Organize your thoughts without the effort

Noted is a real-time note-taking application that helps you keep notes in the most efficient way.

No Sync required.

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Web Application

Organize and share your notes

Noted helps you keep notes and share them with other people. All that without the need of a Sync button. Everything is updated in real-time, so you can be sure that anytime you check Noted, you got the latest updates.

Create notes and bind them with URLs

Share notes and collaborate in real-time

Format your notes with our rich text-editor

No Sync button necessary

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Chrome Extension

Keep notes in a hurry

The Noted Chrome Extension is your go-to tool when you want to keep a quick and easy note. Just pop the extension and write down your note. Want to edit an existing note without having to use the application? No problem! The extension works as a coplimentary tool of the Web application and offers all the features.

When you create a note through the extension, it also saves the URL where you keep the note. Next time you visit that URL, your note will automatically appear when you open the extension.

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The ultimate combination

Reach maximum efficiency

You can combine the power of both the Noted Web Application as well as the Chrome extension to reach your maximum note-taking experience!

Keep a quick note

Pop the Chrome Extension and write down your note in a matter of seconds

Review and edit

Open the application to review your note and edit it with our rich text editor

Taking sharing to a whole 'nother level

Share your notes with friends and colleagues and collaborate on them in real-time.

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Use Cases

While Noted helps literally everyone, here as some specific use cases where keeping notes with Noted will really help your daily life.


Time Is Money

You got a lot on your mind daily, so why bother opening a new tab to keep a note? Use our Chrome Extension instead!


Share the Knowledge

Keeping up with your courses can be a challenge. Ask your fellow students to share their class notes with you!


Be On Point

Ever seen a LinkedIn profile and forgot to keep your notes? Just pop the extension and write down your assessment!

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer all of your questions!

- What is the pricing of Noted?

Noted is completely FREE! Yes, you heard that right! Both the application and the Chrome Extension are free to use.

- Where is the Sync button?

Nowhere! No Sync button is required, as notes are updated in real-time! That takes away the hussle of having to Sync every 5 minutes.

- What do you mean that notes can be bound to URLs?

When you keep a note with the Chrome Extension, it automatically saves the URL that the note was taken in. That means that the next time you visit that same website and you pop the extension, you will see the note that you kept.

- How does real-time collaboration work?

When you share a note with other users, you and the other users can edit it. Any changes made by any user will be updated in your application in real-time. You can see the users actually editing the note!


Organize your life

Take your note-taking experience to a whole new level. If you are new to note-taking applications, this is the place to be!

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